151213 IAMBUFFO 2-1541 Kopie

“We are best friends creating art with attitude. Customised jackets with a meaning and photos to tell our story. ‘NEVER FOREVER’ – our second collection shot by photography duo ‘Joe and Charlotte’.

Pushing the boundaries of a ‘nice’ image and making it a little darker.”

We recently got this absolutely amazing and grungy set from Jenifer Gardiner who is the founder of her brand BUFFO and together with her friend Harriett Van Reenen they have just launched their first 6 jackets you will see in this post.   Just enjoy this cool and cheeky photo-series with much flash light!

DONE Kopie DONE2 151213 IAMBUFFO 2-1309 151213 IAMBUFFO 2-1302 151213 IAMBUFFO 2-1341 151213 IAMBUFFO 2-933 151213 IAMBUFFO 2-1250 Kopie 151213 IAMBUFFO 2-1028 Kopie done3 Kopie 151213 IAMBUFFO 2-1064 Kopie 151213 IAMBUFFO 2-1468 Kopie 151213 IAMBUFFO 2-1462 151213 IAMBUFFO 2-1037


Photography: Joe & Charlotte ☆ IG: @joeandcharlotte

Styled, modeled and jackets created by: Harriett (@harriettvanreenen) & Jenifer (@jenifergardiner) ☆ IG: @iambuffo

Thank you!!

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