James de Leon – Nika

20160224-29150027 Kopie

Happy to show you such a stunning photo-story by the NYC based photographer James de Leon today. He took these expressive and analogue photos of his friend Nika De Carlo who is also a photographer. Enjoy this cool, mystical series full of enchanting colours!

20160224-29150035 Kopie 20160224-29150009 Kopie 20160224-29150002 Kopie 20160224-29150004 20160224-29150006 20160224-29140035 Kopie 20160224-29150012 20160224-29150015 Kopie 20160224-29150026 Kopie 20160224-29150022 20160224-29150016 20160224-29140036 Kopie 20160224-29150029 Kopie

“The weight of his jacket rested on her shoulders.  It smelled like his last cigarette.  The warmth a reminder that he still cared, a continuous winter hug. But the insulation also kept the sadness in, and it never left.  It entangled the day and thickened in the night alongside the brambles beside a frozen creek. Long wooden elongated fingers emerging from the thinnest layer of ice.  The sadness never left. And she hoarded it like a stack of old newspapers.”


Photography & writing (2nd text): James de Leon ☆ IG: @deleoniaTumblr

Model: Nika De Carlo ☆ IG: @nikathedreamer

Many thanks!

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