Roberta Tocco – GRL

13 Kopie

The Italian photographer and artist Roberta Tocco takes fantastic photos, often of groups. These photos showcase a wonderful naturalness and are like snapshots taken from life. We like Roberta’s unique style of taking photos. Enjoy her newest editorial ‘GRL’ that is build up like a story.

17 Kopie 28 48 Kopie 34 105 Kopie 126 Kopie 119 Kopie 138_1 Kopie 135 129 Kopie 137 150_1 159 Kopie 160 161 Kopie


Photography: Roberta Tocco ☆ IG: @robertatoccophotoFacebook

Models: Lorena Crisafi, Silvia Rapisarda, Chiara Pistorio

Styling: Valentina Plumari

MUA: Cristina Nicotra

‘Le Piccole Donne’ by Roberta was featured on Grunge’n’Art as well.

Thank you!

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