Silvia Piva – Escape from High School

_MG_2655 Kopie

Casually looking and totally cool is the new photo-series by the Italian based photographer Silvia Piva. We like the model’s expression in each picture as it is edgy but still beautiful. Also Silvia underlines a grungy style in her editorial. Enjoy watching the whole series! ☆

_MG_2586 Kopie _MG_2589 Kopie _MG_2773 _MG_2684 _MG_2731 _MG_2620 _MG_2681 Kopie


Photography & concept: Silvia Piva ☆ IG: @waytansea_hotelFacebook

Model: Masha Puliaieva

Also by Silvia: ‘Perfect Beauty’

Thank you!

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