Ali Seglins – Moments on Film

Ali Seglins 4 Kopie

Ali Seglins is a Canadian photographer who takes photos on film only. This impressive series was captured with a Canon A1 camera by using an ISO 200 Kodak Gold film. Outstandingly in every of her photos are the colours that set up a wonderful harmony in combination with subject and background. Ali hold on moments of daily life with her camera and every picture remains as an artful memory. ā˜†

Ali Seglins 2 Ali Seglins 7 Ali Seglins 6 Kopie Ali Seglins 8 Ali Seglins 1 Ali Seglins 5 Kopie Ali Seglins 3 Kopie


Photography: Ali Seglins ā˜† IG: @aliseglins

Models: Petra Seglins & Isaac Seglins

Thank you! ā˜†

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