Lucie Delavay – Antavenus

F1020034 Kopie

Also a regular contributor to Grunge’n’Art is the Paris based, self-taught photographer Lucie Delavay. We are happy to show you her newest photo-story. All of the photos were taken on 35mm film and mostly outside which gives every photo an extraordinary, natural lighting. Authentically modeled by Antavenus Diop.

F1000010 Kopie F1000001 Kopie F1000027 Kopie F1000035 Kopie F1000016 Kopie F1010017 Kopie F1010009 Kopie F1010006 Kopie F1010012 Kopie F1010026 KopieF1020023 Kopie F1010018 Kopie F1020003 Kopie F10000267 Kopie


Photography: Lucie Delavay ☆ IG: @luciedelavayFacebook

Model: Antavenus Diop

See also the other analogue photo-stories by Lucie that were featured on Grunge’n’Art:

‘Things Happen’

‘Rainy Day’

‘Lea On The Moon’

‘Katia In Her Bath’

Thank you!

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