Ophelie Rondeau – Ane & Louise

Ophelie Rondeau 10 Kopie

Ophelie Rondeau is a regular contributor to Grunge’n’Art. Mostly she photographs groups of girls (two girls or more) and she is a master of it. Also she takes photos on film and Polaroid only what we appreciate a lot because as you already know we l♡ve analogue photography!! We really like Ophelie’s latest editorial ‘Ane & Louise’, captured on 35mm film, as well as her other photographic works. Moreover, Ophelie is the founder of the platform Girls by Girls. Check it out after watching this photo-story!

Ophelie Rondeau 01 Ophelie Rondeau 02 Kopie Ophelie Rondeau 04 Kopie Ophelie Rondeau 03 Kopie Ophelie Rondeau 06 Ophelie Rondeau 08 Kopie Ophelie Rondeau 14 Ophelie Rondeau 16 Ophelie Rondeau 19 Kopie Ophelie Rondeau 18 Ophelie Rondeau 09 Ophelie Rondeau 11 Ophelie Rondeau 12 Kopie Ophelie Rondeau 13 Kopie


Photography: Ophelie Rondeau ☆ IG: @ophelieandthegirlsFacebook

Models: Ane & Louise

More photo-stories by Ophelie that were featured on Grunge’n’Art:

‘The Room’

‘School Girls Part 3’

‘Free Free Dom Dom x Ophelie Rondeau’

‘Iulka x Ophelie Rondeau’


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