Al Smith – Disco Daydreams

IMG_2959 Kopie

‘Disco Daydreams’ is another, eye-catching and of course analogue photo-story captured by the DC based photographer and

founder of Melted Magazine Al Smith. Remember the series ‘Technicolor Dreams’ ? (We are sure you remembering it.) Again Al transports us to a past era, the 70s, and brings back a gorgeous nostalgia in the, unfortunately, too much digitalized everyday life. Al’s photographic style is truthfully remarkable and unique. Just scroll down and see; and if you haven’t watched ‘Technicolor Dreams’ yet be sure to do it subsequently.

IMG_2960 Kopie IMG_2988 Kopie IMG_2991 IMG_2997 Kopie IMG_3010 Kopie IMG_3013 Kopie IMG_3021 IMG_3018 Kopie IMG_3017 Kopie IMG_3025 Kopie


Photography: Al Smith ☆ IG: @shittyfilm

Model: Sophie ☆ IG: @velvet_teen

Thank you!!

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