Bobby Prom – Liz

bobbyprom-lizhavird-4978 Kopie

Surrounded by colours of the nature, wind in hair and a beautiful casual look showcase this editorial by the San Diego-based photographer Bobby Prom. He photographed model Elizabeth (Liz) on film and some photos were also taken with a digital camera. A slightly melancholy and a strong expression can be found in every photograph.

bobbyprom-lizhavird-4898 Kopie bobbyprom-lizhavird-4896 Kopie bobbyprom-lizhavird-4965 Kopie bobbyprom-lizhavird-4962 Kopie bobbyprom-lizhavird-5023 Kopie bobbyprom-lizhavird-5102 bobbyprom-lizhavird-film-27270015 bobbyprom-lizhavird-film-27270028 bobbyprom-lizhavird-film-27270033 bobbyprom-lizhavird-film-27270036 bobbyprom-lizhavird-film-27270007 Kopie


Photography: Bobby Prom ☆ IG: @bobbypromTumblr

Model & styling: Elizabeth Havird ☆ IG: @lidabeh

Also by Bobby Prom: ‘She’s Electric’

Thank you!

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