That’s what she said

mona 3 Kopie

I have recently started a project called That’s what she said. We documentary shoot young girls and interview them about what it is like to be a young girl now.’

It was really interesting seeing this selection of kinda collages that we received by Izzy Whiteley who is the creative director of the young and authentic project That’s what she said. The combination of photographs, taken by Jessica Gwyneth, with sometimes illustrations and texts/ thoughts is really amazing and makes every picture interesting to look at and especially to read. This ‘notebook – style’ is just great! Take your time for this post and read about the main thought of this special project below.

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That’s what she said aims to provide a voice for young girls and to act as a middleman between girls and society. There are constant messages and media coverage about what adults think is affecting young girls but it is so rare we hear from the girls themselves. These girls are hurt by society, feel inadequate and most worrying many of them feel there is no point fighting for change as ‘this is just how the world is’. Our focus is on girls that are not usually celebrated in fashion, we like to put our focus on the girls that are often confused as to why we would want to photograph them. Fashion draws in and affects girls hugely. It is an undeniable force but to use this, often toxic industry, to create positive change is something that can be very powerful.’

Izzy Whiteley


Photography: Jess Gwyneth IG: @jessicamenace

Creative director: Izzy Whiteley  IG: @izzywhiteley

Models: Mona, El, Emika, Mila, Orielles, Vida

Check out the Instagram-feed of That’s what she said @thatswhatss. Also they are planning to launch their website in early summer to show much more shoots, editorials, stories/articles from young girls, and allow girls to submit their own words/thoughts and much more.

Thank you!

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