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Mostly colourful, authentic and super natural look the photographs by the young artist Christina Kotsiras. This post shows a selection of some of her photos and we also did an interview with Christina. 🙂 Just scroll down, watch her taken pictures, that showcase moments of life and were all captured on film, and be inspired. ☆

Hi Christina! Many thanks for writing us. We really enjoyed watching the photos on your website and seeing so many stunning, analog photographs. We really love analog photography! What do you like about taking photos with film cameras the most?

I like that everything is like a little surprise at the end. Film can be so unpredictive; it makes things more personal and interesting.

When did you start taking photos? And did you also take digital photographs before?

I think I started taking photos in 6th grade. I remember asking for a camera for Christmas one year and my mom got me a little hot pink Canon point and shoot. I think I still have it somewhere actually. And yes, I bounced back and forth between digital and film. I learned how to take pictures “seriously” on film my freshman year of high school and I think it just kind of stuck with me more.

What are your favourite film cameras to shoot with and which film you prefer and why?

My Pentax K1000 is my baby!! I know it like the back of my hand and there is just no comparison with anything else for me yet. Portra 400 is the best color film hands down. I don’t even know how to explain why without sounding crazy talking about the fine grain and pastels it produces. It’s amazing.

Kotsiras-6 Kopie

Kotsiras-5 Kopie Kotsiras-1-2 Kopie


How do you find the people you photograph? Are they your friends or do you ask unknown people if they would be interested in modelling for your photos?

Luckily my models are my close friends. I don’t know what I’d do without them. They are my little muses.

Kotsiras-3 Kotsiras-4-(2)copy Kotsiras-3-(2)copy

Do you plan your shoots or is it more a spontaneous process?

My shoots are way more spontaneous. I like when things look more natural anyway so I guess it’s a good thing!

What film you recommend for shooting in rooms with less light?

Hmm, I would suggest the Kodak Portra 800 if you plan to shoot color? This is a toughie to answer, 99% of the time I’m shooting in natural daylight.

Which photographers inspiring you the most and why?

Annie Leibovitz, Petra Collins, Olivia Bee, because girls rule the world!!!


What was your most favourite photo-shoot you did so far?

I don’t know why but what keeps coming into my head is shooting my friend Sophie in her bathtub. She was so happy and content to be there. I love u Soph xo.

What advice can you give an upcoming photographer who takes photos on film?

Experiment and practice and do whatever the heck you want!!!! Happy accidents are the best and it’s all about learning from your mistakes!


Kotsiras-1 Kopie Kotsiras-10 Kopie


All photos were taken by Christina Kotsiras. ☆ IG: @juxtap0sition

Many thanks!

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