Kayt Silvers – Kenmore

Kayt-Silvers-Kitty1-3 Kopie

Colourful and grungy – this photo-series by Kayt Silvers appears really expressive. Captured on film and cool modeled by Kitty Glitter these photographs look natural and relaxed. Also we like the combination of vintage-clothes with Doc Martens as well as the grey surroundings as a neutral background.

Kayt-Silvers-Kitty3-2 Kopie Kayt-Silvers-Kitty3-1 Kayt-Silvers-Kitty3-3 Kopie Kayt-Silvers-Kitty2-5 Kopie Kayt-Silvers-Kitty2-1 Kayt-Silvers-Kitty2-2 Kopie Kayt-Silvers-Kitty2-4 Kayt-Silvers-Kitty-1-2 Kopie


Photography: Kayt Silvers ☆ IG: @silversandbynesFacebook

Model & HMUA: Kitty Glitter ☆ IG: @kitty.zenFacebook

Thank you!

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