ALLES Berlin

From the photo-series ‘Let us introduce you to…’


ALLES Berlin, as the name already reveals, is an independent fashion label from Berlin. Eye-catching, mostly colourful and totally unique are only a few words to describe their created pieces. All their fashion pieces are inspired by the Berlin nightlife. The special thing is that Sheila designs all these stunning garments alone! We are happy to had the chance to do an interview with her and to ask her about the working process, her inspirations and her latest collection. Moreover, you can watch some amazing, grungy photographs that are from three different editorials and that express the style of ALLES Berlin so well! Enjoy! Also a THANKS to Nasrin who send us the photos for the feature. ❤


Hi Sheila! Please tell us a little bit about your label ALLES Berlin and what the main idea behind your label is.

Hey there! I started ALLES Berlin 2 years ago when I was a bit lost and didn’t know where to go with my life. I used to make my own clothes when I was going out, and I always got a lot of compliments for it, people wanted to know where it’s from or buy it off. So I thought: “Why not starting my own fashion label?”.
With ALLES Berlin I have the freedom to express myself and try out new ideas without having to follow just one idea or a certain trend or season.

My focus is on party- and festival wear, simply because me and my friends are going out a lot. It plays a huge part in my daily life and in my aesthetics.

Apart from that, it is important to me that everything is produced in Germany and that the customer knows where the clothes he or she buys are coming from and under what circumstances they are produced.

From Nasrin we have heard that you produce all pieces by yourself; it’s all handmade. It would be interesting to know how long you need for one piece approximately.

Well, that totally depends on the piece itself. Some of my pieces are embroidered and have feathers and fringes and cut outs and what not on it. This can take several days.
But for a “simple” bodysuit, all in all with making a pattern, cutting the fabric, trying it out on a prototype and sewing the final piece, I need maybe 4 hours.


11188237_375961462592470_6271975024054424109_n Kopie 11168128_375961905925759_3142160956431432567_n Kopie


Also we heard that ALLES Berlin escapes from the strong rules of fashion industry. We really like this fact! But do you have difficulties with this circumstance to sell the clothes or is it the other way round?

Yeah, it’s definitely hard! Of course, pieces are a bit more expensive if they are handmade in Germany and not mass produced in Asia. And a lot of girls in my target group love the pieces, but they just don’t have the money to afford it.


From the photo-series ‘Tank Girl’

10513358_294700007385283_3643021706671851280_n-2 Kopie 10678705_294700137385270_3508500914788225914_n Kopie
10614257_294700090718608_2364603603431331269_n Kopie 10686852_294700004051950_6796490678410990725_n Kopie

When did you start designing and sewing?

I started pretty early, as my mom is a designer as well so I kind of grew up with designing and sewing my own pieces.

We saw your latest collection. It’s stunning! And we like the holographic elements and metallic colours. What do you want to express with this new collection?

Aww thanks, I am very happy to hear that you like it!
To be honest, I don’t really follow only one certain “theme” or inspiration in what I am doing. It really just comes to my mind.
But what could be seen as a main motif is the moon and the landscape on the moon, which can be seen in the prints, the metallic colours and the silhouettes and details, like the full moon on the sweatshirt.

Do you mostly sell your clothes online and through boutiques/shops or do you have a real store? And in case you haven’t a real store would it be your goal to open one in the future?

I don’t have my own store and it’s not really my goal to open one soon, because I prefer being in the studio designing. That’s my passion I want to focus on.
But I am selling at the amazing Coexist Shop in Berlin, which is just perfect as we have a very similar sense of style and we get along very well. We also have a little cooperation in mind…

From the photo-series ‘Come Out To Play’


What fashion brands do you like the most?

At the moment I am a big fan of Saint Laurent, Acne, Vetemens. When it comes to clothes I can afford myself, I like Adidas if that counts, as fashion Minkpink and IndyAnna!

Do you also wear your designed clothes yourself or do you prefer to shop other clothes?

Of course! That’s the main reason I started designing. I was bored of everyone walking around in the same clothes so I made my own pieces that no one had. I only make clothes that I want to wear myself. Otherwise, for me it wouldn’t feel authentic.

10363746_251050548416896_7753146962671330474_n 10369716_251049208417030_7402740291193328622_n
10383579_251049201750364_4546338391384728979_n Kopie 10458721_261026537419297_6111345120155255043_n Kopie

With which materials do you like to work the most and why?

I love everything stretchy and glittery! Bodysuits are my favourite piece of clothing at the moment so it is really important for the fabric to be elastic and stretchy, otherwise it would rip apart. And of course I love beautiful fake furs in all colours of the rainbow.

What tips do you have for an upcoming fashion designer who also wants to start an own label?

Find the courage to just do it. Don’t think there are too many designers out there already… Every person has something unique. So don’t be scared of the competition and your surroundings, focus on yourself and your talent.



‘Let us introduce you to…’

Photography & styling: Sheila Ilzhöfer

Model: Luisa Moek

‘Tank Girl’

Photography: Ansgar Moek

Model: Luisa Moek

Styling: Sheila Ilzhöfer

‘Come Out To Play’

Photography: Helena Blachier

Model: Luisa Moek

Styling: Sheila Ilzhöfer

All garments by ALLES Berlin ☆ IG: @alles_berlinFacebook

And do you still remember the editorial ‘Alice In Wonderland’ photographed by Lisa Lolavie? Model Anouk Aich also wears garments by ALLES Berlin there!

Many thanks!

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