Lauren Melanie – Cabin Fever


Captured on 120mm film and Polaroid this photo-story by Lauren Melanie Brown, who is also the editor of Fashion Grunge, is pretty cool. These photos will stay in your mind for a long time. By watching these and also the other stunning photos Lauren has already taken you will recognize that her photographs have a special presence and a totally grungy flair. With her photographic works she literally brings back the a time of the early 90s! We like her works and especially this series!

cabinfever_3cabinfever_4 Kopie cabinfever_2 Kopie cabinfever_5 Kopie cabinfever_7 cabinfever_8 cabinfever_15 Kopie cabinfever_14 Kopie cabinfever_24 Kopie cabinfever_22cabinfever_polaroid17 Kopie cabinfever_polaroid16 Kopie cabinfever_polaroid10 cabinfever_34 cabinfever_35cabinfever_polaroid2cabinfever_polaroid1cabinfever_30  cabinfever_1 cabinfever_polaroid4 cabinfever_10


Photography: Lauren Melanie Brown ☆ IG: @lauren_melanie Facebook

Styling: Kathryn Beale ☆ IG: @duhkatduh

Model: Sarah Anderson

Thank you!

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