Laura Leal – Annija

Annija-19 Kopie

This editorial by the Barcelona-based photographer Laura Leal, we received on a grey Saturday afternoon, made our day. These photos are really beautiful, slightly dreamy but still cool and we are glad to show you them today. Laura photographed model Annija by walking around the main park of the city; and the photographs were taken on film. ☆

Annija01 Kopie Annija-4 Kopie Annija-11 Annija-10 Kopie Annija-7 Kopie Annija-8 Kopie Annija-20 Kopie Annija-15 Kopie Annija-18 Kopie Annija-14 Kopie Annija-21 Kopie


Photography: Laura Leal ☆ IG: @lauraleal_Tumblr

Model: Annija @ Blow Models

Styling: Mireia

Thank you!

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