Megan Helyer – Girl Of My Dreams


“I shoot on film, and I did this shoot on a disposable camera, I wanted a real grainy feel.”

We like that ‘imperfect’ or rather grainy look of Megan Helyer’s latest photo-story as imperfections make something interesting. Megan’s photo-story is like a soft breeze – the look of the model, the locations and the slightly romantic garments with a grungy touch turn out together harmonically.

Megan_Helyer02 Kopie Megan_Helyer06 Megan_Helyer03 Megan_Helyer11 Megan_Helyer010 Megan_Helyer07 Kopie Megan_Helyer04 Kopie

The wind blows away your worries.

Then you will dream it again;

And again you will feel the infinity of your freedom.

Then you will recognize it again

What this world has to tell you.


Der Wind weht die Sorgen weit weg von dir fort.

Dann wirst du es wieder träumen können;

Und die Unendlichkeit deiner Freiheit erneut fühlen.

Dann wirst es spüren können,

Was diese Welt dir zu sagen hat.


Photography: Megan Helyer ☆ IG: @meganmhelyer

Model: Melissa Pink @ imxe models

Garments: Jessica Walsh

Styling: Pearly Hel

Text: Zebra


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