Frank McKenna x Lisa Corbett – 125th


In this analogue photo-story photographer Frank McKenna captured model Rachel Hastings in unique-designed garments by the graduate fashion designer Lisa Corbett in an artful, nearly dreamy way. We really like the bright, pastel-colours and the beautiful look of the model in contrast to the depressing buildings in the background. Read some more words about the idea behind this shoot and Lisa’s collection below.

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“I was approached by graduate fashion designer Lisa Corbett to shoot her final collection for Limerick School of Art & Design. Her concept for this collection was based on a conflicted relationship between mother and daughter, fraught by the mothers’ drug dependence and prostitution, contrasted by the daughters’ innocence.

I wanted to relay her concept through playful frames and innocent portraits while capturing the provocative details in her prints and the decaying surroundings.

Shot on location in Dublin, Ireland on 35mm Portra 160.”

☆ Frank


Photography: Frank McKenna ☆ IG: @fmckphotoFacebook

Designer: Lisa Corbett ☆ IG: @lisaloucorbett

Model: Rachel Hastings

MUA: Elisa Nunes Cuoto

Assistant: Micaela Rahi

Thank you!

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