Pierluca Luccarelli – Per Coronide

The work by the Italian photographer Pierluca Luccarelli is always wonderfully dreamy, sometimes quite romantic and showcases a beautiful, slightly melancholy. Pierluca takes photos on film only which gives every of his created photo-stories this suitable, nostalgic atmosphere. One of his series, ‘Cotton Candy Moon’, was featured on Grunge’n’Art some time ago, do you still remember it?

“The name of this photographic series is ‘Per Coronide’ it is a tribute to a female character who lives in a book by Italian writer Isabella Santacroce.
This project is the representation of beauty and purity.”

Dreamy is your world.

Dreamy are your memories.

And hopefully your future is dreamy too.

Dreamy and filled with light.


Verträumt ist deine Welt.

Verträumt sind deine Erinnerungen.

Und hoffentlich verträumt, ist auch deine Zukunft.

Verträumt und licht-gefüllt.


Photography: Pierluca Luccarelli ☆ IG: @pierlucaluccarelli Facebook

Model: Sara Mandelli

Text: Zebra

Thank you!

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