Analogue Vibes

lllll Kopie

“We’re Agata and Justyna from northern Poland. Photography is something we’re totally on fire with it. We connected our force recently. We talk together, create together, inspiring each other. Next, we’re moving it on film. We’re inspired by youthfulness, music, rare fashion and the 80’s and 90’s (rave, grunge era’s) atmosphere. Get those vibes :)”

It was great receiving this superb photo-submission created by the photography-duo Agata and Justyna known as analogue vibes. They captured these totally grungy moments on 35mm film as well as on Polaroid on a football field at night and in a library. Every photo is so vivid! What do you say?

CNV000009 Kopie CNV000011.1 Kopie CNV000028 Kopie CNV000030 Kopie ggggg Kopie CNV000031 Kopie


Photographed and modeled by: Agata (IG: @wildellyTumblr)  & Justyna (IG: @cosy_blvck) ☆ Facebook

Assistant: Kuba Obszarski

Thank you!

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