Chiara Gambuto – Tight Eye

img03 Kopie

“She’s a dreamy-pop-melancholic musician so I tried to do the same with my photography-work!”

Chiara Gambuto’s photographs, she took of Giulia Bonometti, Italian singer of Tight Eye, are wonderfully nostalgic; it’s like they bring you back to a past era. Chiara played with elements of the nature such as trees or a hazy sky, she took snapshot-like photos in a room full of light and decorations that come out harmonically. And in every photo exists a delicate, beautiful melancholy that underlines the music of Tight Eye. Daydream, watch the whole set and listen to the songs by Tight Eye that you find by clicking on the link below.

img04 img01 img02 tighteye1

img07 img08 img06 Kopie img09 Kopie img05

“…basically, my work was just to take pictures who totally described Giulia and her music world!”


Photography: Chiara Gambuto ☆ IG: @gambugambuFacebook

Model: Giulia Bonometti, singer of Tight EyeBandcamp ☆ IG: @tighteyeyeFacebook

Find a wonderful photo-selection by Chiara that was featured on Grunge’n’Art as well HERE.

Many thanks!

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