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It’s always great to receive photo-submissions that look really natural – just as if you meet with a friend, talk and take casually some photos.

New York City – based photographer Grant Lewandowski only takes photos on film. The series you can see here is one of his latest ones and it’s pretty authentic. Scroll down and see the whole series along with a little interview we did with him.

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Hi Grant! Many thanks for sending us one of your latest photo-series. We really enjoyed seeing this set. What was the idea behind this shoot?

Alexandra did mention she was inspired to wear the pink sweater by the film Paris, Texas. Other than that the creative process happened as we went, the shoot was  spontaneous.

By scrolling through the photographs in your Instagram-feed we recognized that you take photos on film. What do you like about analog photography and do you also like taking photographs with a digital camera?

Only film. Why? One example would be the fact that one roll has only so many exposures on it, so every shot counts. I always find it funny to see people who have digital cameras, taking shot after shot of one thing and constantly looking down at the camera to see how it looks. Film allows you to step away from that and really focus on that one shot you’re going to take. That’s one reason I believe using film forms you into a better photographer.

What is your favourite analog camera to shoot with and what film you would recommend?

I mainly use two different cameras, my Minolta X-370 and an Olympus Epic point and shoot. The film of choice is Ilford HP5 400 for B&W and Kodak Portra 400 or 800.

Tell us something about the shooting-day of this photo-series you have submitted (e.g. how did you find the model, what was the location, what film did you use, etc.)?

I had worked with Alexandra before for her really great fashion blog and decided I wanted to work with her again. That day I headed to her apartment in Brooklyn, NY, which isn’t too far from Prospect Park. We began taking photos inside, but then headed outside, and eventually making it to the roof. With this photoshoot I used Portra 800 film.

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Your photos also look really grungy. Are you inspired by the Grunge-style?

I’m not really inspired specifically by the “Grunge-style,” but I dig it. I think certain aspects of this style can be drawn out or overused. I do enjoy capturing the candid life of grungy and angsty youth. That’s why I find books like “Teenage Smokers” by Ed Templeton so fascinating and inspiring.

Do you plan your photo-shoots precisely or do you like to shoot spontaneously?

This photoshoot was definitely spontaneous. In the future I plan on having more of a concept involved within my shoots.

You are based in NYC. What do you like about this city the most? And what do you dislike?

Yea NYC is great, it’s one of the best platforms to launch any idea or art concept from. There’s endless opportunities and hundreds of people to connect with regarding art. There’s always something or someone to photograph. How could I not love this city? The only thing I “don’t like” about NYC would be the super overcrowded touristy areas, but even with that sometimes it can be great entertainment.

What are your favourite places in NYC that you can recommend for taking photographs?

I spend most of my time walking around Harlem and certain areas of Brooklyn. Honestly though any area you began wondering around you’ll find plenty of things and people to photograph. In NYC I’m a firm believer in the statement “I’ve seen it all” is very false.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Are you inspired by other photographer’s works or by certain songs or books or just by places in NYC?

I’m not only inspired by places, but also lots of other photographers including: Ed Templeton, Tobin Yelland, Dennis McGrath, Boogie, Bruce Davidson, Adam Jason Cohen, Mike Krim, Troy Holden, and a lot more. Not only those photographers, but artists like Harmony Korine and Barry McGee.

Do you develop your film-rolls by yourself; and if not have you already tried to develop them by yourself and what was your experience with it?

As of right now I don’t develop my own photos. I typically go to the Bushwick Community Darkroom which is a great place or a smaller little photo store. In the near future I plan to do it all myself.

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Photography: Grant Lewandowski ☆ IG: @grant_lewandowski

Model: Alexandra

Thank you!

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