Iulka x Ophelie Rondeau

An authentic Polaroid-series captured by photographer Ophelie Rondeau awaits you in this post. She collaborated with the Buenos Aires based label Iulka to showcase one of their latest collections, the ‘Iulka Lingerie Aqua Set’.

IMG_20151212_0008 copia Kopie

IMG_20151212_0009 copia Kopie IMG_20151212_0001 copia

IMG_20151212_0002 copia Kopie IMG_20151212_0003 copia Kopie IMG_20151212_0072 copia Kopie IMG_20151212_0062 copia Kopie

IMG_20151212_0067 copia Kopie IMG_20151212_0068 copia Kopie

IMG_20151212_0079 copia Kopie IMG_20151212_0014 copia Kopie


Photography: Ophelie Rondeau ☆ IG: @ophelieandthegirlsFacebook

Garments: Iulka ☆ IG: @iulkagramFacebook

Design: Julia Lesyk

Models: Petra & Marlene

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‘Free Free Dom Dom x Ophelie Rondeau’

Thank you!

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