Al Smith – Technicolor Dreams

The analog photographs by Al Smith, who is also the editor of Melted Magazine, are really remarkable. If you come across her Instagram-feed @shittyfilm you will find a selection of her photos that will definitely stay in your mind. There are these special colours in her photos that give every of her works a unique look. Also the atmosphere in her works will take you to a past era full of nostalgia. We are more than happy to show you one of her editorials called ‘Technicolor Dreams’ here on Grunge’n’Art. ☆

Once we read in another Instagram-feed, under a reposted picture from her, ‘A photo by @shittyfilm that is not shitty at all’. – We agree.

IMG_9258 IMG_9260 Kopie IMG_9267 IMG_9303 IMG_9286 Kopie IMG_9300 Kopie IMG_9304 IMG_9305


Photography: Al Smith ☆ IG: @shittyfilm

Model: Sophia


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