Sydney Koepke – Angel Face

0008_9 Kopie

‘Angel Face’ – what a beautiful name for this pretty and particularly grungy photo-series by Sydney Koepke!

A great expression of the model, suitable, nostalgic locations and a grungy vintage style. Sydney captured these photos on an Olympus Stylus with a Fuji 200 film. And now scroll down and enjoy the 80s/ 90s flair!

0014_15 Kopie 0016_17 Kopie0009_10 Kopie20005_6 Kopie0022_22A Kopie 0010_10A Kopie 0024_24A Kopie 0024_245 Kopie

“I had recently got in contact with Morgan about shooting photos of her. We had a shoot planned in our city of Louisville, KY. A couple days later she asks me to catch a bus to Chicago with her that weekend. Of course I said yes! These photos are from the days I spent with Morgan and our adventures we stumbled upon.”

☆ Sydney


Photography: Sydney Koepke ☆ IG: @_babyblue1

Model: Morgan Matchuny ☆ IG: @morganxmatch

Thank you!

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