Ashley Church – Good Fortune Girl

GoodFortuneGirl-Dinosaurtoast-1000031 Kopie

New day, new analog feature on Grunge’n’Art! This time we received a photo-series by the Wellington-based visual artist Ashley Church. The photos are taken on 35mm colour film on a RF2 Nikon film camera. Enjoy!

GoodFortuneGirl-Dinosaurtoast-1000030 Kopie GoodFortuneGirl-Dinosaurtoast-1000024 GoodFortuneGirl-Dinosaurtoast-1000026 GoodFortuneGirl-Dinosaurtoast-1000023 GoodFortuneGirl-Dinosaurtoast-1000013 Kopie GoodFortuneGirl-Dinosaurtoast-1000007 GoodFortuneGirl-Dinosaurtoast-1000022 Kopie GoodFortuneGirl-Dinosaurtoast-1000014 Kopie GoodFortuneGirl-Dinosaurtoast-1000015 Kopie


Photography: Ashley Church – Dinosaurtoast ☆ IG: @dinosaurtoastFacebook

Model: Tashi Grant @ KBM

HMUA: Natalee Fisher

Thank you!

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