Aaron Anderson – Oblivion

IMG_1124 Kopie

Do you remember the impressive, flowery editorial ‘Juno’? Here comes another artful photo-series by Aaron Anderson. Take your time watching this series. Do you recognize the different perspectives, the harmony in every picture? Also we find that this series contains a quite melancholy what we really like.

IMG_1110 IMG_1112 IMG_1218 IMG_1272 KopieIMG_1294 IMG_1449 IMG_1471 Kopie IMG_1491-Recovered Kopie IMG_1547 Kopie IMG_1633 IMG_1581 IMG_1426 Kopie

Aaron is currently running a gofundme campaign for his first art showcase. He is invited to present his photographic works at an Art Gallery in Austin, Texas. However, he is unable to pay all costs (the trip itself, material-costs like prints and frames). So if you would like to support him just visit this website: www.gofundme.com/u5k8q5rw. There you also find more detailed information, updated regularly. Every help is deeply appreciated.


Photography: Aaron Anderson ☆ IG: @a.theartist

Model: Allie Fiveash

Thank you!

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