Adam Mayer – Party of 1

Powerful in expression and colours is this photo-story by Adam Mayer. Let the party start even if no one is there. Just have fun and a great day!

“Our idea was for Olivia to throw a birthday party that no one shows up to (except for her blow-up dinosaur friend).”

OliviaStier14 OliviaStier13 Kopie

You can also have a party alone.

So long as you have enough confetti and balloons.

And in addition, also a party hat and mood.

Don’t let ruin your day if nobody comes.

Finally you will have less work and a clear head after the party.

Everything has its meaning!


Eine Party kann man auch alleine feiern.

Vorausgesetzt du hast genug Konfetti und Luftballons.

Und noch einen Partyhut und etwas Stimmung.

Lass dir deinen Tag nicht verderben, wenn niemand kommt.

Letztendlich hast du danach weniger Arbeit und einen klaren Kopf.

Alles hat seinen Sinn!


Photography: Adam Mayer ☆ IG: @adamdmayer

Model: Olivia Stier ☆ IG: @meoowolivia

Text: Zebra

Thank you!

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