Melanie Knight – Dreams of Lolita

1FH000023 Kopie

Dreamy, tender-looking garments by the fashion designer Jessica Shaw in contrast to a casual style. Captured on film by the Manchester-based photographer Melanie Knight. A perfect contrast, we are in love!

‘Dreams of Lolita’ is Jessica Shaw’s latest collection.

Fresh and eye-catching make-up by Meghan Baxter and authentically modeled by Keeylee Baylis.

1FH000057 Kopie 1FH000066 Kopie 1FH000056

1FH000026 Kopie 1FH000046 Kopie

FH000015 FH000060 FH000064 Kopie

FH000063 Kopie FH000081
FH000093 1FH000081 Kopie

FH000055 Kopie


Photography & styling: Melanie Knight ☆ IG: @meljknght

Designer: Jessica Shaw ☆ IG: @msjessicashawFacebook

Model: Keeylee Baylis – Peak

MUA: Meghan Baxter

Thank you!

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