Becki Moss – Wednesday

Snapshot-like photographs from different perspectives and an extremely cozy atmosphere shows the latest editorial by the Auckland – (New Zealnd) based self taught photographer Becki Moss. Scroll down and dive into this beautiful place full of books as well.

Wednesday_Look 1_3 Wednesday_Look 2_1 Wednesday_Look 2_2 Kopie Wednesday_Look 2_4 Kopie Wednesday_Look 3_1 Wednesday_Look 5_1

Wednesday_Look 5_6 Wednesday_Look 5_4

Wednesday_Look 6_1 Wednesday_Look 7_1 Kopie Wednesday_Look 5_2 Wednesday_Look 4_2 Kopie Wednesday_Look 5_7 Kopie Wednesday_Look 5_3 Kopie

“We were lucky enough to photograph at NZ’s largest secondhand bookstore (Hard to find books) as well as the insect (entomology) department of the Auckland War Memorial Museum. I wanted to create an editorial that showed that ‘nerdiness’ and fashion can coincide well together and that being interested in science doesn’t make you ‘uncool’ as I was often told as a child/teenager.”
☆ Becki


Photography & styling: Becki Moss ☆ IG: @beckimoss_Facebook

Model: Wednesday @ 62 Models

Location: Hard To Find Books and Auckland War Memorial Museum, Entomology Archives

Wardrobe: Kowtow, Silence Was.., ITZME, Standard Issue, Chaos & Harmony, Mushama & Me

Also by Becki Moss: ‘Mariah’

Thank you!

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