Free Free Dom Dom x Ophelie Rondeau

FFDD by Ophelie Rondeau 15

Free Free Dom Dom is an electro-punk duet, Little Voice and Philippe, based in Berlin. Their first music video was directed by Ophelie Rondeau by using a super8mm camera. She also took the impressive, snap-shot – like photographs you can see in this post. Of course with an analogue camera.

Enjoy watching the video, than you can start it again and hear to Free Free Dom Dom’s song by scrolling down and looking at the photographs. And don’t forget to read the text at the end as well! ☆

FFDD by Ophelie Rondeau 001 Kopie FFDD by Ophelie Rondeau 01 Kopie FFDD by Ophelie Rondeau 02 KopieFFDD by Ophelie Rondeau 04 Kopie FFDD by Ophelie Rondeau 16 FFDD by Ophelie Rondeau 05 FFDD by Ophelie Rondeau 11 Kopie FFDD by Ophelie Rondeau 06 Kopie FFDD by Ophelie Rondeau 07 KopieFFDD by Ophelie Rondeau 17 Kopie FFDD by Ophelie Rondeau 09 FFDD by Ophelie Rondeau 13 FFDD by Ophelie Rondeau 22 FFDD by Ophelie Rondeau 23 Kopie

“We are based in Berlin, an inspiring city, with an open-minded attitude we love where you can be anonymous, and whoever you want. Life is not easy but here, more than anywhere else in Europe, Second-hand and vintage is a way of living. You don’t throw things away, you recycle them.

For our first video ‘FFDD’, we chose to work with Ophelie Rondeau, London-based film photographer, because she is talented and has a very Rock’n’Roll spirit. Shooting with her feels just like a bunch of friends having fun.
It was her idea to use super8mm as she essentially works with analog cameras on her personal project ‘Ophelie and the Girls’.

Using super8 involves quite some time, research and test. We had bought the camera on eBay, and discovered, after the first test, that there was something wrong with it.
2 days before Ophelie arrived from London, we still hadn’t figured it out, and we were stressed.
Thanks to the owner of a camera shop, we found out that the automatic mode was broken so we had to shoot manually.

As the films and developing are quite expensive we could only afford 3 rolls, which is about 9 minutes of film in total… we had to be particularly precise on the shoot. It’s not like digital where you can shoot loads of film and immediately see what it looks like. You have to wait like a week to see what you shot…Nowadays cause we’re used to get everything right away and we don’t realize what patience means anymore. Super8mm is mysterious and precious, and it made our video more special and exciting.

Ophelie had already a few ideas for shooting locations,  but it was more like a free ride in Berlin, improvising and having fun. We used the Berlin Wall obviously, which is full of powerful messages. We shot in Tempelhof park which is an Airport (closed in 2008 and then turned into a huge park)…We went to Zoo station in reference to the Movie/book ‘Christiane F’. It’s a must-see movie about the drug damages on teenagers in the 80’s in Berlin. Also we really wanted to include the Vintage photo booths in this videos… They’re from the 70’s and they’re so cool.

This video reflects our state of mind: when you try something too hard then you just feel the need to go back to something simple and authentic… like walking in a park, chilling, contemplating.
The song ‘FFDD’ is a bit crazy… as a result of wanting to wash ourselves from bad energy and what it involves mentally. 🙂 ”


Music and modeling: Free Free Dom Dom (Little Voice & Philippe) ☆ IG: @freefreedomdomSoundcloudFacebook

Video & photography: Ophelie Rondeau ☆ IG: @ophelieandthegirlsFacebook

Text: Free Free Dom Dom

Other photo-series by Ophelie that were featured on Grunge’n’Art: ‘The Room’ & ‘School Girls Part 3’

Many thanks!

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