Lee Phillips – Chiaroscuro


“This is a shoot that I did for my upcoming zine “Chiaroscuro” which is all about the magic of light.”

ā˜† Lee Phillips, photographer from Washington DC.

We are in love with Lee’s super-natural looking photo-series that she captured in a train from different perspectives and of course on film. šŸ™‚

0348700-R1-011-4-2 Kopie 0348700-R1-015-6-2 Kopie 0348700-R1-025-11 (1) 0348700-R1-033-15 (1) 0348700-R1-017-7 (1) Kopie 0348700-R1-037-17 (1) 0348700-R1-041-19 (1) Kopie 0348700-R1-043-20 (1) Kopie 0348700-R1-047-22 (1) 0348700-R1-051-24 (1) Kopie

Another analog photo-story by Lee comes soon to Grunge’n’Art. So stay tuned!


Photography: Lee Phillips ā˜† IG: @c.har.lee

Model: Siddisse Negero

Thanks! ā˜†

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