Shea Crawford – All You Gotta Do Is Wait

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It’s always a pleasure seeing the unique, analog work by photographer Shea Crawford. Her photographs that often have a surreal look will definitely stay in your mind after viewing. Scroll down and take your time for one of her latest works ‘All You Gotta Do Is Wait’. ☆

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A candle burns brightly.

Its fluttering light shines hypnotically.

And you can watch this light for hours.

Watching and waiting.

Waiting that something good happens.


Eine Kerze verbrennt fröhlich.

Ihr flatterndes Licht schimmert hypnotisierend.

Und man kann dieses Licht stundenlang ansehen.

Ansehen und warten.

Warten, dass etwas Gutes passiert.


Photography: Shea Crawford ☆ IG: @amaveruntt

Model: Alisa Acuna

Also by Shea: ‘Ache’.

Text: Zebra

Thank you!

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