Not so long ago there was the series ‘Toy Over’ with unique designed garments by the young designer-duo Marina and Sara, from Barcelona, featured here on Grunge’n’Art. This series is called ‘Somnambulism’ and we received it from Marina who has styled and directed this sparkling and impressive editorial. Captured by Natalia and modeled by Vienna.

“‘Somnambulism’ follows the pastel and naif aesthetic that I used in ‘Toy Over’ but this time it’s a story more darker, inspired by the night and the 70’s glam.”

☆ Marina

IMG_3480 Kopie16-01-12-15-11-46-214_deco 16-01-12-15-03-40-039_deco IMG_3556 Kopie IMG_3566 16-01-12-15-53-27-600_deco IMG_3591 Kopie IMG_3596 16-01-12-15-26-48-348_deco IMG_3543 IMG_3538 Kopie IMG_3513 Kopie IMG_3516

“With ‘Sonambulism’ I wanted to touch the limits between real and the fake, the point of fantasy inside the delirium of a night-walker. In her dream, the girl looks like a young mermaid, full of confusion and curiosity. She’s like a kid discovering a new world, playing with every thing she finds. There’s a dark aura surrounding the scene in contrast with the pastel colors of the scenery, like a warning. The outfit is inspired by the excess of the 70’s glam, eclectic and comfortable, a mixture between a pyjama and party clothes.”

☆ Marina


Art direction & styling: Marina ☆ IG: @healyblackwine

Photography & MUA: Natalia ☆ IG: @naatgm

Model: Vienna ☆ IG: @viiennaviivancos

Many thanks!

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