Erik Naumann – Reverence

A new, analog photo-series awaits you in this post. ‘Reverence’ by the Montreal, QC, – based photographer Erik Naumann is gently and powerful at the same time.

ak_reverence-002 ak_reverence-003 ak_reverence-004 ak_reverence-006 ak_reverence-007 ak_reverence-008 ak_reverence-012 ak_reverence-011 ak_reverence-010 ak_reverence-009

By fear you freeze to a statue.

By worry you lose your mind.

By sorrow your soul escapes.

And then you possibly forget who you are.


Durch Furcht erstarrst du zu einer Statue.

Durch Sorge verlierst du deinen Verstand.

Durch Trauer entkommt dir deine Seele.

Und dann vergisst du vielleicht, wer du bist.


Photography: Erik Naumann ☆ IG: @eriknauman_n

Model: Archie Kamikaze

Text: Zebra

Thank you!

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