Cleo Barnett – Artist Portraits

Photographer Cleo Barnett has sent an impressive selection of photographs she took of different artists. Let the photos impact on you and read a little description of this project, written by Cleo, below.


Lane Park, Multimedia Artist, Coromandel Forest up in a tree, New Zealand, 2014


Delia McCormack, Dancer, Auckland, New Zealand, 2014

This photo is also from the dreamy photo-series ‘In Bloom’ by Cleo.


Kyah, Multimedia Artist, Coromandel, New Zealand, 2014


Philly, Producer, Waitakere Ranges, New Zealand, 2014

Hannah Jamieson, painter from Auckland, New Zealand. Photo taken in 2011

jessafire copy

Jesa, Photographer and Curator from Seattle, Washington, image on my rooftop in Brooklyn, New York 2015


Xoe Hall, Pop Surrealist Painter from Wellington, New Zealand, photo taken in Auckland, New Zealand 2014

erinforsyth2013edited Kopie

Erin Forsyth, Painter and illustrator, Auckland, New Zealand 2013


Hannah Lee Jade, Designer, Auckland, New Zealand Forest, 2014


Nick Boyd, Painter, Auckland New Zealand 2015

C025665-R1-09-10 Kopie

Kate Barnett, musician & painter, Seattle, Washington 2014


Annabel Liddell, Musician, Auckland, New Zealand, 2014

Also have a look at the feature ‘Miss June x Miss Cleo’ where you can see the whole photo-story plus an interview Cleo did with Annabell.


Zammia, Spatial Designer, Far North, New Zealand, 2015

edited1 Kopie

Ana Maria Silva, Multimedia artist from Chile, photo taken in Auckland, NZ in 2015

“The inner world is where I produce from and spend a lot of time within, but the outer world is what drives me. We are each so unique, not to be so cliche but the truth is, like a snowflake, no two humans are completely alike… and no two human connections are ever going to be the same. When two people meet, its like a whole new universe has the potential to be created, a totally one-of-a-kind chance for exploration, creation, growth… and destruction. All the things. Yet still, no matter how different we may appear to be, us humans all share in our distinct primal urges and needs for survival. There is something so beautiful in our differences, and for me I see these differences as something that connects us just as much as they separate. Like the butterfly effect, we can’t help but have an impact on one another. I love this duality of a distinct individuality existing within and unable to separate from our shared connection to and reliance on the earth. This tension is something I think a lot about and definitely influences how I move through the world. This series is a little sneak peak of a collection of analog photographs of artists I’ve been building since 2009. The creation process is something I see as otherworldly. Consciousness is something I’m immediately attracted to above anything physical, always.”

All photographs taken by Cleo Barnett ☆ IG: @cleobarnettFacebookTumblr
The text was written by Cleo as well.

Thank you!

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