Little Sunny Bite – SS16 Sunrise Kingdom


Little Sunny Bite is a super-kawaii, beautiful Tokyo-based label. Founded in 2014 by Yoppy who is also the designer and creative director of her brand. Her designed pieces are playful and make a good mood. Some weeks ago she has launched her SS16 collection ‘Sunrise Kingdom’. And if you have watched the little, artful video at the beginning you already know what the story behind her Summer/Spring – collection is about.

We are impressed by the colours, designs and as always the wonderful looking photographs. ♡

On top of that you can read a little interview we did with Yoppy! Happy watching and reading; be impressed and dive into the world of Little Sunny Bite!

´╝ÿÔêÆ9 Kopie12-13 KopieHi Yoppy! We find your new collection (SS16) really beautiful. There are bright and clear colours and it is also playful and cheeky and contains romantic elements. How does the idea developed to name this new collection ‘Sunrise Kingdom’?

Thank you so much.

I love the movie ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ by Wes Anderson.

My brand name is little SUNNY bite. So I named this collection SUNRISE KINGDOM .

In my opinion ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ inspired me too for my collection.

And the movie ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ is a sweet love story so I made this love story: Sunny and Daniel. ♡

In the last part of the movie Daniel says:  “You make my smile.”

What I wanted to express in the last part of the movie is: Sunny makes you smile – that means Little Sunny Bite makes you smile.

Do you yourself wear your designed clothes as well?

Yes, when I go somewhere out of Japan I wear my designed clothes very often!

Since when you are a designer and was it always your dream to design clothes and accessories?

Firstly, I didn’t think it became real. But I could meet very nice business partners at good timings. So I could start my brand in 2014. However the most thing that helped me that my dream came real was talking to people many things about my dream, opinion, my favorite things etc.

Little Sunny Bite is me. It’s my everything!

10-11 KopieYou live in Tokyo. Please tell us something about this city!

Tokyo is fun! There are many cool vintage shops and cafes.

And especially, Tokyo’s young people are very active to do anything. They are really good at self produce. When I do popup stores, I’m so excited to see all the young people (that are fans of my brand) of my brand’s fans!

We have read that you can get lost in Tokyo as it’s such a huge city. Have you ever experienced that?


Lia really loves the T-shirt with the printed cat-head-picture on it. Zebra adores the pastel-rose coloured dress with the net-detail. Now it would be interested to know what is your most favourite piece of your new collection!

I like checker items!!!

6ÔêÆ´╝ù Kopie4-5 KopieThe selection of colours and mixtures of your SS16-collection is sublime! Are there your favourite colours included and which colours you like or like to use in your designs the most?

I like PINK. I use PINK in all my collections… PINK is the brand color!

We have heard and read that the neighbourhoods Shibuya and Harajuku are really famous for its style. Where do you like to go shopping there/ can you recommend some good places that should be definitely visited?

I love the vintage shop called “CHICAGO”.

Your collections are really like sunshine and make a good mood. How have you reached that your designs are full of happiness?

I want to make you happy all the time. My wish is that Little Sunny Bite makes you happy.

I’m always thinking about this since I started this brand. When you wear my clothes and you feel happy it would be super cheerful for me!!! – Chain of Happiness!!!

What do you like to do in your free time?

I love going to museums, watching movies and just walking around. I can think about new ideas when I’m walking mostly.

24-25 KopieWhat brings you in a really good mood?

When I see that people are happy with my clothes!!

26-2734-35 Kopie


Photography: Marco ☆ IG: @marco149

Creative director/ designer: Yoppy

Models: Alissa Yagi & Choi Yeon Kyu

Styling: Ruri Matsui

HMUA: Hitomi Matsuno

Garments: little sunny bite ☆ IG: @littlesunnybiteyoppy

Many thanks!

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