IULKA – Summer Flash

Iulka´s latest summer collection, is about swimsuits with riot girl inspiration. We made exclusive prints developed and designed together with the tattoo artist Matias Araoz. Combined with pastel colors, feminine and a little bit provocative.”

☆ Julia Lesyk – founder of the brand IULKA ☆

02 Kopie 03 Kopie 01 11 10 Kopie 08 04 Kopie 05 Kopie 06


Garments: IULKA ☆ IG: @iulkagram

Photography, art direction & edition: Gonzalo De Bonis ☆ IG: @weareevil

Model: Lara Madöery Zicker

Illustration: Matias Araoz

Design & styling: Julia Lesyk

Here you will find more amazing, creative work by IULKA that was featured on Grunge’n’Art as well: ‘IULKA’ & ‘Home Alone’


Thank you!

2 responses to “IULKA – Summer Flash

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