Olha H. – Summer Wind

Photographer Olha H. from the Ukraine only takes photos on film. We are impressed by her series ‘Summer Wind’ – the colours, the harmony in every photo, the natural look – just perfect!

OLHA_H_#1 Kopie OLHA_H._#3 Kopie OLHA_H._#5 OLHA_H._#4 Kopie OLHA_H._#14 OLHA_H._#13 OLHA_H._#11 OLHA_H._#12 Kopie olha_h8 Kopie olha_h.6 Kopie olha_h9 Kopie

Summer wind always flies there where it wants to be.

You feel its playfulness and unconventionality.

And you want to come along with too.

You just want to fly with the wind.

And don’t worry anymore.


Sommerwind fliegt immer dorthin, wohin er fliegen möchte.

Du verspürst seine Verspieltheit und Zwanglosigkeit.

Und du willst auch mit.

Du willst einfach mitfliegen.

Und dir keine Sorgen mehr machen.


Photography: Olha H. ☆ IG: @filmphoto_am

Text: Zebra

Thank you!

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