Hiroko Shimazoe x Yurina Lily Saito – GIRL – Good Girl Wants To Go Bad –

For this series of contrasts the Tokyo-based photographer Hiroko Shimazoe worked together with Yurina Lily Saito. She created two different moods – pastel colours and much rose on the one hand and on the other hand stronger colours and a grungy style. Also Hiroko took all the photographs with two different cameras: a vintage analogue camera and a digital one.


hiroko_shimazoe(film2) Kopiehiroko_shimazoe(film1)hiroko_shimazoe(film3) Kopiehiroko_shimazoe(film4) Kopiehiroko_shimazoe(10) Kopie

GIRL ~good girl wants to go bad~

The good girl (wearing pink) is bored to spend a time being nice. She wants to change herself to become bad girl (wearing rainbow knit) but she is still confused. In her mind she is thinking about saving the world.

She will try to love someone in her future. And maybe as she guesses the boring times will have an end…”


Photography: Hiroko Shimazoe ☆ IG: @hiroko_leroy

Model & text: Yurina Lily Saito ☆ IG: @yurina_lily

Hair: Kyouichi Hirota

Also by or with Yurina Lily Saito: ‘I Show You My Daydream’ & ‘Our Last Summer In Hotel Okura’

Thank you!

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