Amir Kuckovic – This Is Jessa, Girls

Lauren_girls_Ak-19 Kopie

Beautiful and expressive photographs, unedited and raw and taken with analogue and Polaroid cameras – that’s how the photographic works by the Barcelona-based photographer Amir Kuckovic are. ☆

Lauren_girls_Ak-6 Kopie Lauren_girls_Ak-14 Kopie Lauren_girls_Ak-8 Lauren_girls_Ak-9 Lauren_girls_Ak-17 Kopie

jumpsuit Colmillo de Morsa; swimsuit Ritarow; necklace & bracelet Sta Bolitas; shoes Zara 

Lauren_girls_Ak-20 Kopie Lauren_girls_Ak-15 Kopie

dress Ifeelnut; necklace & earrings Mango; shoes Zara; handkerchief Florenz; bracelet Sta Bolitas

Lauren_girls_Ak-16 Kopie Lauren_girls_Ak-1 Lauren_girls_Ak-11 Kopie

pants SSIC AND PAUL; blouse Colmillo de Morsa; earrings Mango; necklace & bracelet Sta Bolitas

Lauren_girls_Ak-13 Lauren_girls_Ak-18 Kopie


Photography: Amir Kuckovic ☆ IG: @amirkuckovicTumblrFlickr

Model: Lauren Challis Blow

Art direction & styling: Mar Escolies Niubó

Thank you!

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