toy over 21 Kopie

“We are two 18 years old fashion design students from Barcelona and we’ve recently done a customized denim collaboration called TOY OVER. The two pieces (jacket and jeans) are inspired by a naif aesthetic (pastel colors, glitter…) with a grungy touch”

☆ Marina & Sara

What we can say more? Just enjoy looking at the whole editorial and be inspired by their wonderful, creative world!

DSC_0529 Kopie DSC_0515 DSC_0506 Kopie toy over 4 Kopie toy over 10 DSC_0166 toy over 13 Kopie toy over 12 Kopie toy over 31 Kopie toy over 23 Kopie toy over 18 Kopie toy over 20 Kopie


“Toy Over is the idea of going back to the start, of when we were kids, the princesses and princes of town, the irony. The pieces include pastel colors, glitter, handcrafted finishes and naif elements. In contrast with the infant aesthetic, there are cuts and transparent fabrics that discover the skin and black underwear, and the choker refers to the bondage image. We liked to play with the idea of a doll, how society used to relate these kind of colors and images to a female concept, and how this style is seen as ridiculous, naive and/or less attractive sometimes.  The silhouettes follow the 80’s-90’s aesthetic because we love vintage fashion.”


Photography: Ester ☆ IG: @esterbv15

HMUA: Natalia ☆ IG: @naatgm

Jacket Design: Marina ☆ IG: @healyblackwine

Jeans Design: Sara ☆ IG: @heyasara

Model: Christina ☆ IG: @marsalla_cris

Thank you!

2 responses to “TOY OVER

  1. Dear Grunge n Art,
    I always stop to look at your posts and the images you put up. I just wanted you to know I continue to marvel at – cannot stop being moved by – the emotional appeal behind them all. Amazing. It’s great to connect with you from time time when you post. As an edgy writer and photographer myself, but not anywhere near the fashion world, I appreciate your energy and what you bring to me from your world over there! Carry on. Mike from Santa Fe, NM


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