Bella Mae – Lights

The 18 year old photographer Bella Mae from Melbourne, Australia, has submitted a totally great and grungy! photo-selection. Just scroll down and see the freedom in every of her photographs; we really like them! ☆

_DSC0058 Kopie _DSC0172_2 _DSC0700curves _DSC2277 _DSC2284 _DSC2405 _DSC2324 _DSC2035 Kopie Verde3 Kopie COIN3 Kopie

“I am very into the grunge theme and style of photography as it’s such a diverse style to experiment with. I have recently just completed a Diploma of Photo-Imaging at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. And am now aiming to get my name out, as I wish to pursue a career in the industry, especially in fashion photography. 

I have been photographing ever since I was 15, gradually falling in love with the use of a camera more and more.”

All photographs taken by Bella Mae. ☆ IG: @artbymaysie


Thank you!

2 responses to “Bella Mae – Lights

  1. I am very impressed by your imagery. The juxtaposition of subject and background is very striking. I think you will go a long way!


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