Vicky Chambers – Alien

G9 copy

This photo-story by Vicky Chambers was love at the first sight. It is also included in the 3rd print-issue of Grunge’n’Art ‘Vision’. Those photos take you far away to an abandoned place; just scroll down and see! The perfect contrast is set by the unique designs by Anais Caulfield and Grace Golding.

G4 copy

g14 Kopiecopy G2 Kopie G6 Kopie G7 Kopie g11 Kopie g15 Kopie G8 Kopie G1 Kopie G3 Kopie G10 Kopie g13 Kopie g122 G5 Kopie

Sometimes you don’t want to see reality.

Sometimes you don’t notice your surroundings.


Confused fantasies.

Confused ideas.


An imagination, a voice in your head that keeps repeating on and on:

“This world is not real.”


Photography & styling: Vicky Chambers ☆ IG: @vickychambers ☆ Facebook

Model: Phoebe Reuben

Designers of the garments: Anais Caulfield and Grace Golding

Text: Zebra

Thanks! ☆

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