Bobby Prom – She’s Electric

Colourful and powerful – that’s how the photo-series taken by Bobby Prom from San Diego, CA, is. His editorial is full of flash light and neon colours and comes with a conspicuous style by Cara Bloom.




bobbyprom-asialeehenry-7042 Kopie


bobbyprom-asialeehenry-7150 Kopie


If all becomes too colourful to you

carry it off well

and continue nevertheless

there where you just have stopped.


Wenn dir alles zu bunt wird,

lass es dir nicht anmerken

und mache trotzdem weiter,

dort, wo du gerade aufgehört hast.


Photography: Bobbi Prom ☆ IG: @bobbyprom

Model: Asia Lee Henry ☆ IG: @asialeehenry

Styling: Cara Bloom ☆ IG: @carathebloom

HMUA: Meagan Brown ☆ IG: @meaganmua

Text: Zebra

Thank you!

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