Alessia Izzo – Moments

IMG_3187 Kopie

A beautiful, contrasty mix of colourful and black and white photographs taken by Alessia Izzo awaits you in this post. Modeled by Nira Kurt and with an eye-catching makeup by Chiara Buccioli.

IMG_3216 Kopie IMG_3242 IMG_3247

IMG_3268 Kopie IMG_3401 Kopie

IMG_3399 IMG_3338 IMG_3392 Kopie IMG_3384 Kopie IMG_3204 Kopie

Like the colourfulness of the flowers,

Like the wind in your hair.

The glance fades,

The motion disappears.

Only the moment, an instant


The leftover is frozen.


Wie die Farbenpracht der Blumen,

Wie der Wind in deinem Haar.

Verblasst der Glanz,

Verschwindet die Bewegung.

Nur der Moment, der Augenblick


Der Rest ist starr.


Photography: Alessia IzzoFacebook

MUA: Chiara Buccioli ☆ IG: @chiarabucciolimuaFacebook

Model: Nira Kurt

Text: Lia

Thank you!

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