Maite Pons – City Colours

Tokyo-25 Kopie

The wonderful, colourful photo-series’ by Maite Pons, who is currently based in Melbourne, tell stories. She captures moments on different places around the world and hold them forever.

This photo-story was taken by Maite when she visited Tokyo earlier this year. She takes you along through a huge city; her photos are eye-catching.


Tokyo-6 Tokyo-2
Tokyo-10 Kopie Tokyo-36

Tokyo-37 Tokyo-38 Tokyo-18 Tokyo-16 Kopie Tokyo-27

Tokyo-26 Kopie Tokyo-34

Tokyo-31 Tokyo-32 Kopie Tokyo-12 Tokyo-35 Kopie Tokyo-29 Kopie Tokyo-20 Tokyo-24 Tokyo-33 Kopie Tokyo-19 Kopie

When you take a walk through a town

You are surrounded by many people,

loud noises and different impressions.

And you think: “I’m not alone”.

People, colours and noises

passing you by.

Over and over again.

And suddenly you feel lonely.

Lonely in a huge, wide town.


Wenn du einen Spaziergang durch die Stadt machst,

bist du umgeben von vielen Leuten,

lauten Geräuschen und mehreren Eindrücken.

Und du denkst: “Ich bin nicht allein”.

Leute, Farben und Geräusche ziehen an dir vorbei.

Immer und immer wieder.

Und plötzlich fühlst du dich einsam.

Einsam in einer riesigen, schrillen Stadt.


Photography: Maite Pons ☆ IG: @ponsmaiteFacebookTumblrFlickr

Model: Maki Ryuudou

Also by Maite: ‘Queen’.

Text: Lia & Zebra

Many thanks!

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