Alí M. Leyva – A Personal Fantasy In Her Room


So fascinated by this photo-series created by Alí M. Leyva from Ensenada, Mexico. The photos were taken with an analogue camera, they are super natural, have this psycho-appearance, which we really like, and on top of that Alí has also created some GIFs! Perfect!

r003-004 Kopie r003-005r004-014 r003-011

r003-012 Kopie2 r003-017 Kopie2

r003-014r004-018 r003-001 Kopie

r003-002 Kopie r003-003 Kopie

r003-023 r003-027d r003-029 Kopier004-030r004-038

An alien has visited me today.

Suddenly it came through the door into my room.

It all came moving around me.

And firstly I wanted to hide.

But then it all was all OK again.

And we danced the whole afternoon.

And the whole evening.

Until it disappeared.

Or maybe the alien only was an illusion?


Ein Alien hat mich heute besucht.

Es kam plötzlich durch die Balkontür in mein Zimmer.

Alles bewegte sich um mich herum.

Und ich wollte mich zuerst verstecken.

Aber dann war wieder alles OK.

Und wir tanzten zusammen den ganzen Nachmittag.

Und den ganzen Abend.

Bis es wieder verschwand.

Oder war das lustige Alien vielleicht nur eine Illusion?


Photography: Alí M. Leyva ☆ IG: @yyyyyyhhhhhkkk

Model: Danni Valero

Wardrobe: Fuct

Text: Zebra

Thank you!

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