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Maya Amoah is the founder of her fashion brand Nebula Artwear. Her with love created pieces are truly artworks and as they are hand-painted every piece is unique.

Maya sent us two great photo-shoots; the first one that you can see here she did in Berlin with a friend. The second photo-series was captured by Laurence Philomene. Also in this post awaits you a little interview we did with Maya. ☆

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Hi Maya! You are the designer of your own label Nebula Artwear. How does the idea developed to found an independent fashion label?

I started Nebula 3 years when I was 16.  I wasn’t really planning on it to be a label. It just happened. I wore a galaxy shirt I painted to school one day and people asked if I was selling!! The entrepreneurial spirit in me screamed yes!!


Your hand-painted clothes (t-shirts, sweatshirts and hot-pants) look really grungy and we like the cosmic designs! Could you explain the painted process please? Do you use brushes or other materials to paint on the clothes?

Yes, every piece of clothing is painted by me. It’s a process of sponging and speckling and sparkling under the moonlight.  Bleach, fabric paint and a hot iron to seal everything together so the paint doesn’t wash out.

Could you tell us something about your latest shoot with your galaxy line you took in Berlin? What was the most funniest thing by taking these photos?

This was a fun photo-shoot because it was with a good friend that I had met in Berlin. Funniest thing of that night was probably just giggling in that beginning of a good friendship way and just dressing each other up.

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Do you like to travel? If yes, why? And what were your favourite places that you have visited so far?

I’m actually in love with travel. It’s become my life. I’ve been traveling for 7 months now, almost always alone. Once you see the world you can’t go back. You just really can’t. Ask any backpacker.  Berlin was definitely a favourite. I’ve been to 18 countries now and almost each one holds a place in my heart. But yessss, Berlin. I’m in Portugal right now and in love.

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Shoot 1

Photography & Models: Maya Amoah & Sophia

Shoot 2:

Photography: Laurence Philomene

Model: Maya Amoah

Nebula Artwear ☆ IG: @nebula_artwearFacebook

Thank you!