Indyanna x Elfriedes

‘START RIOTS EVERYWHERE’ – that’s the new, expressive, grungy lookbook photographed by the LA-based photographer Marina Fini; with the amazing garments by the Berlin-based alternative fashion brand Indyanna and in combination with colourful illustrations by Lilly Friedeberg aka Elfriedes from Dusseldorf.

This editorial is so good! Enjoy!

indyanna_elfriedes_lookbook_1 Kopie indyanna_elfriedes_lookbook_2

indyanna_elfriedes_lookbook_3 Kopie2 indyanna_elfriedes_lookbook_4

indyanna_elfriedes_lookbook_5 Kopie indyanna_elfriedes_lookbook_6

indyanna_elfriedes_lookbook_7 Kopie2 indyanna_elfriedes_lookbook_10 Kopie2
indyanna_elfriedes_lookbook_12 Kopie2 indyanna_elfriedes_lookbook_15 Kopie2

indyanna_elfriedes_lookbook_9 Kopie indyanna_elfriedes_lookbook_14 indyanna_elfriedes_lookbook_11 Kopie indyanna_elfriedes_lookbook_13 Kopie


Photography: Marina Fini ☆ IG: @marinafini

Garments: Indyanna ☆ IG: @indyanna_fashion

Illustrations: Lilly Friedeberg aka Elfriedes ☆ IG: @elfriede_s

Models: Kelsey R., @poutybrat, @toodrunk2cum


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