Courtney Burnan – A World Of Inspiration

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A special, stunning art-feature awaits you today. We like the expression and extravagance in the pictures by the artist Courtney Burnan from London.

Let’s be enchanted by her illustrations and read what her inspirations are below. Enjoy!

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“To me my work is an extension of myself, they’re all incredibly personal and I have this theory that every piece of art an artist produces is a self portrait. For this reason I get my inspiration from everything and anything that interests me, although I may not realise it at the time. London street fashion inspires me a lot right now, coming from a small town London has such an eclectic mix of people wearing clothes that before I moved here I had never even imagined.
My childhood was spent being obsessed by fairies and the work of Brian Froud, Arthur Rackham and Cicely Mary Barker. This kind of ethereal dreamland that fairies would live in always something I am trying to translate into my work.

My current project is based on Manish Arora’s Spring Summer 16 collection which is incredibly colourful and intricate. The name of the collection is “Disco Gypsy” so I’ve been doing a lot of research into traditional Romany culture and magic. Through this route I have also been researching (and learning) tarot, I tend to immerse myself into a world of inspiration to create illustrations.”

Β Find more of Courtney’s artworks on her Instagram @courtney_illustrates.

Thank you! β˜†

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